Monday, September 19, 2011

Port Place Mall Renovations

Renovations At Port Place Mall Progressing

The above images show Port Place Mall as it currently is in the top photo while the bottom is a picture of the sign showing the artist concept of what it will look like finished.

There will be a new road running through the property which will connect Terminal Avenue and Front Street with a new building on the left hand side of the new street. The project hit a bit of a snag this summer when they found some soil contamination they had to deal with. The sign says the project will be opening this year, but obviously it won't make that deadline.

The remaining are of what used to be Harbour Park Mall is fully renovated housing the main tenants consisting of Thrifty Food, London Drugs and the Liquor Store. It is nice and bright and airy, and if you haven't been down for a while you might be surprised with the improvement. Thrifty Foods and London Drugs stores are the same inside as they have always been, it is only the connecting mall areas that have been renovated.


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