Monday, September 05, 2011

Salmon Fishing In Nanaimo

Photo Courtesy Sheryl Falls
Fishermen Try Their Luck At The Millstone River

Early morning fishermen are silhouetted as the sun's glow fills the sky and dances across the water at the mouth of the Millstone River.

While it does not seem that as many fishermen were angling for supper as in times past, the patient ones were still being rewarded with fresh salmon for supper.

The salmon run in the Millstone can go well into September and while they weren't jumping into the boats, like they are at different times, they are still there for the having.

These feisty salmon can give any angler a real thrill, especially when you take them on very light tackle and have to finesse them into the frying pan. If you haven't tried your hand this year, get your licence, your favourite rod, reel and tackle and head on down to the Millstone.

Simply 'being there' has it's own rewards as the fresh salt air and delightful scenery never fail to please, and all this right in downtown Nanaimo! Incredible!


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