Sunday, September 18, 2011

Your Comments Are Invited

To Post Your Comments On Nanaimo Info Blog

Some readers feel this website could better serve the area if instant posting was possible as opposed to waiting for comments to be moderated as they have in the past.

To that end I have removed the moderation delay, which means any comments will appear as soon as they have been posted. This will also allow readers to engage in 'conversation' with each other on topics of interest, much like a forum.

Since I will not be moderating comments, I just ask you keep it 'clean' and if any post borders on slander or liable it will be deleted completely.

In Order To Post Your Comment

The above illustration shows the 'comments' button, which appears in the lower left hand side of each story appearing on Nanaimo Info Blog. Simply click on the word 'comments' and you will be able to post your opinion. The number to the left of 'comment's' indicates how many comments a certain story has received.


1 comment:

  1. hmmm - a safe subject to start on!

    Maybe the earthquake was a myth in Nanaimo too..... ;-)


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