Sunday, October 30, 2011

Council Meeting Not Televised??

Monday October 31 City Council Meeting
May Not Be Televised

I have not been able to confirm with Shaw cable a report that they will not be televising city council meetings until after the next civic election, Nov. 19.

Whether that is accurate or not, I can not say, but if you wish to witness the council meeting and possible debate regards low barrier housing you may want to attend in person.

I am not aware of broadcast or publication bans this far in advance of the election, so whether it is actually a CRTC rule or someone at Shaw has their wires crossed I can't say.



  1. Jim:

    A family member advised me that staff at Legislative Services confirmed to him that any council meetings that take place before the election will NOT be televised live, nor livestreamed on the internet until after the election.

    However, apparently, videos of the meetings will be posted to the City's website a couple of days AFTER each council meeting. He was told by City staff that it was Shaw's call ... reason unknown, according to staff.

  2. Although tonight's Council Meeting is not being broadcast live for the benefit of the electorate, as is the usual policy, I see that it appears to be acceptable for council candidates to address council at the meeting tonight (Oct. 31).

    Would be interested in knowing what other voters think of this.

  3. One would hope that the naming of the auditorium and conditions included airing all council meetings held in the SHAW auditorium.


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