Monday, October 17, 2011

Election Signs Springing Up In Nanaimo

Hammond Bay Rd. and Departure Bay Rd.
Is A Popular Spot For Candidate Campaign Signs

Just like mushrooms after the rain, there is a whole crop of campaign signs springing up around Nanaimo already. One of the bigger signs on this corner either wasn't very well installed, or someone knocked it over.

While signs may be good for name recognition, and everyone in the graphics and sign business will tell you how indispensable they are, I have some doubts. One thing you can tell about the candidates with the biggest and most numerous signs, is that they are spending LOTS of money to get elected. That is not something I am totally comfortable with in local politics. When it comes to choosing the next city council the size of their sign is not much to judge by.

On election day, when you step into the ballot box if all you know about the candidate you are voting for is the fact their sign caught your eye, you are failing your community and are not doing your civic duty.

During the next four weeks, take the time to ask your candidates questions about what you think is important as we plan for the Nanaimo of tomorrow. Take the time to read the information on this website and in the local press, attend all candidates meetings and do YOUR part in making an informed decision come Nov. 19.

This coming election and the next three years could be one of the most important periods in the history of Nanaimo. There are huge challenges on the horizon, and we don't need someone at the helm, simply because they could afford the splashiest sign!


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