Friday, October 14, 2011

Gary Korpan Seeks Council Seat 2011 Election

Gary Korpan Announces Candidacy

Long time Nanaimo Mayor and Councilor, Gary Korpan announced today his intention to run for city council in the 2011 civic election. His announcement states:

I truly believe that my calling in life is to serve Nanaimo.  I am offering my training, knowledge, and experience in  municipal government as a candidate for City Council.
I wish to help in our unending goal of making Nanaimo an  even better, healthier place to work and live.  Nanaimo deserves better job opportunities so everyone can  prosper.

Council's top priority must be to encourage  investment and spur business expansion and job creation  within a sustainable community that ensures  a great quality of life for all its residents.

Together, Nanaimo has a great future.
Gary Korpan


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