Sunday, October 16, 2011

Husky Market Progressing In Nanaimo

New Husky Market Stewart and Terminal Avenue

The new Husky Market on Terminal Avenue just north of the Pearson bridge is moving right along as crews work to meet the opening date of winter of 2011.

You will remember this was the site of a long time popular Nanaimo eatery that had been through a few changes over the years. When I first moved here in the late 60's it was the home to a Smitty's Pancake House.

It may just be me, but for a commodity like gasoline which we are told is so marginally profitable you have to wonder at the wisdom of ripping down the old smaller stations and putting in these new mega stores?? Call me a skeptic.


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  1. I know a guy who runs a rinky dink gas station by Chilliwack. He nets a quarter million per year.


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