Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Jade Baker Missing

Parents Desperate To Find Her

It is reported in the Daily News that Jade Baker 17, was last seen by her father Oct. 12. For the Wellington Secondary student to disappear without notice is not normal behaviour.

She is described as five foot five inches tall, approxmiately 50 kilograms, with blue eyes and dirty blonde hair with a hoop in her nose and a ring in her lip.

Anyone with any information about Jade should call her mother at 250-713-8288 or father at 250-667-0054 or the RCMP at 250-754-2345.


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  1. ‎***JADE BAKER IS HOME SAFE WITH JOY*** as reported from original social networking post.

    Ivo Beitsma
    *** Jade Baker is home safe. *** — with Joy Williams.


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