Monday, October 31, 2011

Jeremy Banks Presents The Apartment Series

The First Of Three In "The Apartment Series"
The Tablesaw Show

Canadian Fringe performer and Pacific Coast Stage Producer Jeremy Banks presents original work The Tablesaw Show at an innovative and intimate venue Nov 16 - Nov 25as the first of three shows in The Apartment Series. For the early-birds, there will also be a preview show November 10.

The Apartment Series is a series of shows set and staged in an apartment, with the hosts literally inviting you into their home, taking your jacket, making your drink, and sharing a rather personal theatre-story, allowing for not only the most intimate theatre performance in the history of Nanaimo, but also encouraging casual living room-style talkback after this cozy theatre and storytelling crossover.

Inspired by a growing trend of alternative theatre in Victoria and Vancouver, The Apartment Series draws from both emerging concepts of “theatre for small audiences” in which theatre companies perform for extremely intimate and limited audiences in order to generate a more personal performance, and site-specific theatre in which the venue itself plays a crucial role in reinforcing the setting, the atmosphere, and the meaning of the theatrical piece.

The first of the series is The Tablesaw Show, a show about one man's brief and impactful relationship with a tablesaw, a show that takes place in the same room that it happened. Returning to the scene of the incident that left him touched both literally and emotionally, the performer guides the audience through the traumatic event and the hours following that altered his life's course in subtle and profound ways. 

The Apartment SeriesThe Tablesaw Show, opens November 16 and runs until Nov 25, Wednesdays through Fridays at 8pm. Due to the intimate nature of the performance venue, the location will be kept secret. Only 20 seats are available per performance and tickets are by donation (recommended $18), at the door. Refreshments are available before and after the show.
To book your seats, get more information and to find out where the location is, RSVP to or search facebook for "The Apartment Series"


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