Friday, October 28, 2011

Linley Valley West Concerns

Linley Valley West

At the Monday FPCOW meeting at city hall a group of citizens concerned about the fate of the Linley Valley made a presentation to city council.

The city issued a press release which said in part:

"To designate the lands as a nature park and protect them fully from development would likely require that the lands be acquired from the existing owners at market value.  The assessed value of the total 310 acres is currently $6.6M."

It seems the cupboard is bare at city hall, what with new $16 million staff offices and all. But I have to wonder which project would have the greater benefit for the greater good of the community. Protect 310 acres of wilderness, or provide 160 highly paid staffers with shiny new digs??

I know what city council and city staff have already said, so the question is addressed to the rest of Nanaimo residents.



  1. I know what I think is the most beneficial. To me it's a no-brainer. Nanaimo desperately needs the Linley Valley West and other green and magical places like it. We need to save green places for the environment, for wildlife, and for humans. We need to think globally, and decrease our carbon footprint. Nanaimo is so far ahead of many cities in other ways e.g. the new waste management program for food waste/composting. Let's have Nanaimo be a front-runner in Canada for the saving of urban green spaces as well. Judy Wilson, Nanaimo, BC

  2. Yes this is definately a no brainer. With green spaces and wetland area disappearing all over the globe, and especially on the East Coast of Vancouver Island, Nanaimo,, We have this last large tract of wetland woodland area that is crucial for this area. The wildlife depend on it, and we as humans need this as well. This area cannot be duplicated or replaced. Once it is gone it is gone forever,, this money can and should be raised and we are going to do our very best to make this possible for all of the future generations of Nanaimo.
    Not saving this gem of an area is plain stupidity! Houses can be built almost anywhere nowadays but this does not make it right to remove steep bluffs, wetland ponds, and woodland trails where many different species exist and where people go to escape the stress of society. This area is the "lungs of North Nanaimo" and it is crucial that we re visit what is important and what is not. I think this should be at the top of the list. Everywhere else the environment is a top issue but here in Nanaimo it seems to be at the bottom of the list. It really needs to move up to the top of the list.

  3. How sad that the city feels it needs to waste $16 million on building and offices when they could support Linley Valley West and have an irreplaceable natural area for generations to enjoy and protect. Even David Suzuki supports this movement.
    M Bach


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