Friday, October 21, 2011

Low Barrier Housing Questions

I would like to address two things.  First the people living in the Uplands area are facing exactly the same problems the Hospital area has had with the City of Nanaimo.  The land for the proposed wet house on Uplands was changed from fire hall designation to wet house.  The land on Dufferin and Boundary was removed for the Cemetery Act without public consultation and while we were fighting the proposed wet house.  It was done underhandedly and deceitfully.  What developer could get away with that?  Both neighbourhoods are fighting these proposed wet houses.  What developer could get away with building something that caused such an outcry from neighbours?  These proposed wet houses aren’t going to have the proper amount of parking.  The City is going to remove approximately 10 parking spots on Dufferin for a turning land into the wet house and are only going to provide 4 parking spots on site.  The Hospital area has a severe lack of parking and the City is going to remove much needed street parking.   What developer could get away with that?  It seems the City has one set of rules for what they want and another for the rest of us.
The second item I would like to address is our School Trustees.  They have put a policy in place regarding cell phone towers and also smart meters, but when asked to put  policy in place regarding having a 500 meter radius around schools from wet housing they refused HANA (Hospital Area Neighbourhood Association).  We asked for a policy around ALL SCHOOLS, not just Quarterway Elementary and Woodlands.
The election is coming, start asking school board trustees and candidates for City Council where they stand on this matter and vote accordingly.  These people are suppose to be representing all of Nanaimo; families, seniors and children.
Denise Goldsack
Nanaimo BC


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