Saturday, October 15, 2011

Nanaimo 2011 Municipal Election Candidates

Candidates Officially In The Race!

The following is the official list of candidates who are running in the Nanaimo 2011 Municipal elections.

They are doing their part by giving of their energy, time, experience and personal sacrifice to help make Nanaimo a better community. It is now up to YOU to do your CIVIC DUTY by taking the time to know what the issues are and how each of these candidates would deal with them to move Nanaimo forward.

The upcoming Nanaimo Civic Election puts more POWER in YOUR hands than any other election. Voting at the civic level has the most impact on your day to day life than either provincial or even federal politics. The Mayor and Council YOU elect will decide what Nanaimo will look like over the next ten years, they will also decide how many taxes YOU will have to pay and how those taxes will be spent.

The new council is responsible for setting policy which will govern how approximately 150,000,000 tax dollars are spent.

Get Informed ..... Get Involved ..... Government is Too Important To Leave To The Politicians!

Mayor Candidates

  • Didio, Dan
  • McKinnon, Roger
  • Routledge, Jim
  • Ruttan, John
Councilor Candidates
  • Anderson, George
  • Bestwick, Bill
  • Blundell, Arlene
  • Brennan, Diane
  • Brunie, Brunie
  • Cathers, Chris 
  • Fillmore, Brian
  • Fuller, Gordon
  • Greves, Ted
  • Johnstone, Diana 
  • Kipp, Jim
  • Korpan, Gary
  • Lomas, Rod
  • Maartman, Zeni
  • Manhas, Jeet 
  • McKay, Bill
  • Olsen, Darcy 
  • Ouellette-Croucher, Christopher James
  • Pattje, Fred
  • Ramsay, Peter Quinn
  • Snikkers, Trent 
  • Zver, Rob



  1. Posting websites and/or email addresses for the candidates would be very helpful.

  2. I agree with anonymous.
    Iwuld like to know how they satnd on issues important to me and the best way I know of finding that out is to ask them. Forums are fine but sometimes get lost in the partisan noise.

  3. Please tell me where I can get a profile of the candidtates and their platforms, and positions on the impending issues. I have not been able to find a site that provides even the most basic details of who is up for election, other than their names. I am a newcomer to Nanaimo and want to make an informed decision.
    Anybody know who is against further development of the linley valley? Thank you, Catherine

  4. There are two pages on this site dedicated to getting to know the candidates. The tabs at the top of this page open the pages, one it titled Candidates Answers where I am printing the answers to 20 questions I have submitted to each candidate. There is also another page titled Nanaimo Civic Election 2011, where I intend to post breaking news related to the candidates and issues as they become clear.

  5. Thanks for the suggestion about links to candidates websites, I am in fact working on that.

  6. I am still looking for info on Peter Ramsey, Oulette-Croucher, for mayor Roger Mckinnon.

    Need websites!

  7. A brief summary by each candidate of their platform would be more informative than answers to a quiz. That way you get an idea of what's important to the candidate & what their motivations are. Let them tell us what they think the important issues facing the community are rather than feeding them issues to comment on.


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