Friday, October 28, 2011

Nanaimo Civic Election 2011 Candidates

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Nanaimo Candidates Answer 20 Questions

All of the candidates in the upcoming civic election, including Mayor and Councillor candidates were sent a list of 20 questions I felt would give some insight into how they would deal with some Nanaimo issues.

To date 10 of the candidates for the upcoming Nanaimo civic election have submitted their answers which can be seen elsewhere on this website.

To view the candidates answers to some of the issues facing Nanaimo you will have to click on the 'Candidates Answers' button at the top of the home page. Incidentally each of the other buttons lead to other pages on this website, if you haven't checked them out.

Nanaimo Civic Election Candidates Who Have Answered So Far

Follows is the list of Nanaimo Civic Election candidates answers to my questionnaire, in the order the answers were received:

  • Arlene Blundell
  • Fred Pattje
  • Bill Bestwick
  • Dan DiDio
  • Brunie Brunie
  • Rod Lomas
  • Bill McKay
  • Brain Fillmore
  • Diana Johnstone
  • Gord Fuller
I consider the response from candidates fantastic, given they are all probably as busy as one armed paper hangers, inundated with requests for info from the media, scheduling all candidates meetings, campaigning, ordering signs, erecting signs, knocking on doors, all the while in many cases holding down their 'real' jobs.

Take the time to read the candidates responses as I feel it will give you some insight into what candidates think about important Nanaimo issues, both past, present and future.

Hats Off to Nanaimo Civic Election Candidates One and All

They are doing Their Part ----- Now Do Yours
Get Informed -- Get Involved
Democracy Is Too Important To Leave To 
Elected & Non-Elected Officials


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