Monday, October 17, 2011

Occupy Nanaimo Day 2

Not Your Fairweather Protesters

There was  large turnout to the Occupy Nanaimo rally on Saturday which if nothing else provided a safe, healthy way for people to vent their frustrations about the state of the world.

Sunday at noon, however was a completely different story with only a handful of your dedicated protestors still occupying Diana Krall plaza. Clearly some had braved the elements and camped out over night as evidenced by a few tents in the square. But the number of supporters has dwindled and in fact the protestors signs seem to outnumber the protestors.

Only time will tell what kind of an impact these 'occupations' will have on the policy makers and power brokers. It is fairly clear that it won't be long before this peaceful demonstration begins to test the patience of the downtown business folk as the occupation does not likely fit in with the downtown revitalization plan everyone envisions.

Noticeably absent from the protests are any representatives of the old age pensioners trying to keep body and soul together while dutifully paying their ever increasing taxes, many of which are going to support the increasing demands placed on society by the public service sector unions.


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