Saturday, January 14, 2012

Congratulations To City Council

Overturns Committee Recommendation
Saves Taxpayers $3600
Councilor Brennan Opposed

Anyone reading this website will know I seldom find examples of fiscal prudence on the part of city council who seem to act as if how much they can spend shows how important they are.

That said, at the last City Council meeting they took the recommendation of city manager Al Kenning which saw a reduction in spending of $3600 from what the Social Planning Advisory Committee was recommending.

In a move that defies logic the SPAC recommended giving out grants which EXCEEDED the applicants request! The John Howard Society was asking for $2,000 and SPAC recommended $3,600, Independent Living requested $4,350 and SPAC recommended $5,350 and finally Tillicum Lelum was looking for $3,500 and SPAC recommended $4,500. The total number of YOUR tax dollars this committee was wanting to give away was $3,600 MORE than what was being asked for.

Councilor Brennan Supported Spending $3,600 More Than Asked For

It is noteworthy that Councilor Diane Brennan was the lone councilor who was opposed to the city managers recommendation to reduce the grants, meaning she alone supported spending $3,600 more than the applicants were asking for.

I am waiting for a reply from city hall as to who sits on this committee which seems hell bent on shoveling YOUR tax dollars out at a rate exceeding what is being asked for. When that information is available I will add it to this article. It will be interesting to see if these groups up their requests next round, as they clearly have been sent a message by this committee.

The message of course being that this committee with the support of Councilor Brennan can be quite generous with how they allocate tax dollars.



  1. I would much rather see my tax money go towards any of those organizations then a city council raise!

  2. Jim: You said that you are awaiting a reply from the City as to who sits on the Social Planning Advisory Committee. The following info is on the City's website:

    Chair: Zeni Maartman
    Staff Liaison: John Horn, Social Planner
    Council Reps: Diane Brennan and George Anderson
    At-Large Members: Val Alcock-Carter, Beverley Barton, Terre Flower, Elizabeth Forrester, Judy Lekisch, Ralph Meyerhoff, John Neville, Linda McCandless
    School Board Rep: Sharon Welch
    Parks, Recreation and Culture Commission Rep: Janet Cowling

  3. Perhaps I should be more specific, I am wanting to know which members think it a good idea to give out more than is being asked for.
    I understand that this decision was made prior to current councilors being sworn in.

  4. Yes. Appears that the decision was made at SPAC’s meeting of December 6, 2011, when Coun. Kipp was the Coun. Rep. (according to Minutes).

    Chair was Z. Maartman and members J. Cowling and S. Welch were absent.

    Motion by V. Alcock-Carter and Seconded by T. Flower to increase 2012 “Social Development” grant amounts to Nanaimo Region John Howard Society; the Nanaimo & Region Independent Living Resource Centre Association; and the Tillicum Lelum Aboriginal Friendship Centre by $1,600; $1,000; and $1,000, respectively.

    Members J. Neville (of John Howard?), and L. McCandless abstained from voting. Appears that all others in attendance were in support of same.

    Also appears that it was recommended at SPAC’s Dec. meeting, that Nanaimo Region John Howard Society and the Tillicum Lelum Aboriginal Friendship Centre also be awarded “Healthy Community” grants in the amounts of $20,000 each.

    Appears that above was pursuant to a Motion by J. Neville (of John Howard?); Seconded by V. Alcock-Carter, to recommend that Council endorse the sub-committee’s recommendations regarding 2012 “Healthy Community” grant allocations. Carried.)


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