Sunday, January 15, 2012

FPCOW Meetings Nanaimo City Hall

Finance Policy Committee of the Whole Meeting
Monday January 16, 2012
City Hall Boardroom, 3:00PM
455 Wallace Street, Nanaimo

First be sure to note the start time for this meeting has changed from the usual 4:30 pm start to 3:00 pm.
This looks like a fairly informative meeting if you are interested in how various departments within the city use your millions of tax dollars. There will be presentations from The Port Theatre Society, Nanaimo Fire Chief, Police Support Manager and the Director of Strategic Relationships.

While sometimes these types of meetings contain 'too much information' they are usually very helpful in understanding the role different organizations and departments play within the day to day functioning of the city of Nanaimo.

There is also time allotted for anyone to address city council on matters related to the 2012 - 2016 Financial Plan, so if you have opinions on how and where and how much of YOUR taxes should be spent, now is the opportunity to let council hear from YOU.

Special FPCOW 
January 17th

There is also a special FPCOW scheduled for Tuesday January 17th at 1:30 PM which will also be held in the boardroom at city hall. While the agenda for this meeting is not posted as of this writing the link above for the Jan. 16th meeting agenda should lead to the Jan. 17th agenda once it is posted.


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