Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Moorecroft Park Cougar Sighting

The RDN is telling parents to keep their children close when visiting Moorecroft Park in Nanoose as a large cougar was spotted last Thursday.

While the event is not surprising, and there were no cougar/human conflicts people still need to be aware of the potential danger and keep a watchful eye out. Keeping an eye on your small pets is also a good idea.

Here are some tips of what to do if you encounter a cougar, more complete information can be viewed on the Ministry of Environment website:

  • Never approach a cougar. Although cougars will normally avoid a confrontation, all cougars are unpredictable. Cougars feeding on a kill may be dangerous.
  • Always give a cougar an avenue of escape.
  • Stay calm. Talk to the cougar in a confident voice.
  • Pick all children up off the ground immediately. Children frighten easily and their rapid movements may provoke an attack.
  • Do not run. Try to back away from the cougar slowly. Sudden movement or flight may trigger an instinctive attack.
  • Do not turn your back on the cougar. Face the cougar and remain upright.
  • Do all you can to enlarge your image. Don't crouch down or try to hide. Pick up sticks or branches and wave them about.


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