Monday, January 09, 2012

Nanaimo City Workers New Contract

Nanaimo Municipal Employees Ratify Agreement
6% Increase Over 3 Years

CUPE Local 401 workers and the City of Nanaimo have reached a new collective agreement. The three year deal covers January 1, 2011 to December 31, 2013.

The new contract, recently ratified by both CUPE and City Council, includes wage increases of two percent in each of the three years, as well as some modest improvements to employee benefits and allowances. The monetary agreement is generally consistent with other recent CUPE municipal settlements on Vancouver Island.

“The City is pleased to have concluded this round of bargaining in a productive and professional manner and I want to thank all of those who were involved in the process,” Mayor John Ruttan said as he announced Council’s approval of the new contract. “We look forward to a continuation of our good relationship with the union and our employees who provide such excellent service to the community.”

CUPE Local 401 represents approximately 750 Nanaimo employees who provide municipal services.


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  1. The NDN reported on Tuesday that, “Laurence Amy, vice-president of CUPE Local 401, said the top concern was benefits and allowances. The latest contract boosts extended health coverage from 20% to 80%. Earnings took a backseat during talks, he added, with increases expected to rise 2% each year.” "Wages are always a fairly big deal but they weren't the main goal this time," Amy said.

    Hasn’t the media been reporting for almost a year, that the unemployment rate in Nanaimo and area is unsatisfactory? It would also appear that some do not realize that there are many, many taxpaying citizens who, if they wish to have extended health coverage (including dental), they are responsible for payment of premiums to have such coverage.

    Since the top concern was apparently, “benefits and allowances”, wonder if anyone raised the issue of the antiquated provision, whereby taxpayers provide their government employees with TWO paid days off at Easter .. Good Friday AND Easter Monday.... even though Easter Monday, is NOT a statutory holiday in British Columbia. --- (Good Friday is.)

    Also see link to CUPE news release of Friday, January 13, 2012, City of Nanaimo workers ratify three-year deal |


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