Friday, January 27, 2012

VICC Sudsidy To Reduce?

Vancouver Island Conference Centre
Delegate Days Increases To 32,000 In 2012

According to an advertisement in the 'Nanaimo Magazine' Feb. 2012 issue the number of delegate days booked at the Vancouver Island Conference Centre has increased by approximately 225% to 32,000 from only 13,919 in 2011. It seems that powerhouse manager Denise Tacon is putting Nanaimo on the conference map!

Considering the Nanaimo taxpayer subsidized the company operating the centre last year by approximately $1,000,000 (not a precise figure) when they only had rental and catering revenue from approximately 14,000 delegate days a 225% increase must mean the centre is turning a considerably greater profit for the company now. In turn, this greater profit should provide a considerable saving for the Nanaimo taxpayer via a reduced subsidy.

The amount of the saving isn't known at this time, but I have asked Mayor Ruttan to respond letting me know what the saving to Nanaimo taxpayers will be resulting from this 225% increase in attendance at the centre.

If I am correct this is also the year, the current contract with the management company running the centre is up for renewal, and it will be interesting to see if the shrewd managers at city hall will be able to negotiate a much better deal in the new contract. Did you know, the city actually pays the management company a fee, every time they use the VICC?

Stay tuned for more details as they are made available.


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