Monday, February 06, 2012

Nanaimo's Claim Of Water Urgency In Doubt

Chief Challenges City's Claims

Chief White says that the City of Nanaimo's claim of urgency with regard a new water source are not supported by the city's own data.

A review of core data about City of Nanaimo water use casts doubt about claims of the City that there is a water crisis looming. For some time, the City has been saying that by 2020 the City will require a substantial new amount of water. But the City of Nanaimo's own water data raises some serious questions. For example, it is frequently reported that the City will require an additional 20 million cubic metres (54.8 ML/day) by 2020. However, in 2020, forecasted total average demand will be 49 - 50 ML/day. And by 2050, average total demand will be 77 ML/day.

"Looking at this data, many questions are raised about the City's proposal to spend millions of taxpayer dollars on dealing with a water crisis", said Chief White. "The data suggests that even with a little focus and effort on water conservation concerns about future demand can be met".

According to data supplied by Snuneymuxw First Nation if Nanaimo were able to reduce consumption through conservation and consume the equivalent of the Canadian average, Nanaimo would have sufficient supplies to support population growth to around 2040.

Chief White points out that while the City claims there is an urgent need to deal with the city water supply, three out of four habitable Snuneymuxw reserves have to depend on their water supply being trucked in, as their wells have been contaminated.


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