Monday, February 06, 2012

Contracting Out Review

Useful Information Or Another Dust Collector?

The review commissed by the the city of Nanaimo for the purpose of determining whether contracting out provides the best value to the City Taxpayer is now complete.

The 97 page document can be viewed HERE and either read online or downloaded to your computer to be read and digested at your leisure.

Given the current city councils demonstrated observed methods of operation, they will likely ask staff to submit a report telling them what the report means. I am not entirely sure if many city councillors actually read these documents, let alone understand what they mean.

Commissioning plans and studies and hiring endless consultants is a well-worn method of ducking responsibility as you can always fall back on "that's what the experts said". This plan likely was in the $60,000 - $100,000 price range, and if the Nanaimo taxpayer actually sees enough concrete action resulting from this study to recover those costs will be interesting to see.


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