Monday, February 06, 2012

Council Approves Port Theatre Request

In what is likely a precedent setting move, city council voted unanimously to grant the Port Theatre request to transfer funds to the operating fund from the capital expense fund.

Mayor Ruttan described last years deficit as a 'bump in the road' and the balance of council are convinced the issues which led to last years deficit will be dealt with under the new operating plan going forward.

The lack of funds being put into the contingency fund for the past number of years was of no concern to council members, who have every confidence in the current theatre management.


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  1. Why is it that everyone below "the problem" knows what the real issue is and everyone above "the problem" is oblivious..... But then Bernie Madoff made alot of money coning seemingly smart rich people out of alot of money. I foresee another bad year for The Port and will remind people to subtract 75,000 + the increase to the management agreement to measure success or failure. Mayor Ruttan and this council have just lost my vote. And I will not be visiting The Port Theatre until they clean up "the Problem".


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