Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Nanaimo Voters Feel Council Pointless?

 85% Of Nanaimo Voters Saw No Reason
To Vote For Our Current Council

There were a total 64,057 people eligible to vote in the last civic election, of that number only 26.9% of the electorate felt their vote was worthwhile. The idea of lack of participation means satisfaction with the status quo, makes no logical sense, as not voting could obviously result in a change of the status quo. Therefore, voting is the ONLY way of ensuring the status quo remains unchanged.

The other possible argument for lack of voter participation is a lacklustre campaign on the part of candidates, with nothing clearly setting one candidate apart from another. A personal observation on campaigning is the fact I have lived in the same place for at least the last three elections, and in all that time have NEVER had one candidate, nor their representative knock on my door. We do get the 'campaign by brochure' approach which for the most part are pretty shallow and poor information on which to choose a candidate.

Results By The Numbers

The following shows each elected candidate with the total number of votes received and based on a possible total of 64,057 votes, the % of eligible votes they received.

J. Ruttan....... 8815  =  13.76%

B. Bestwick......9108  =  14.22%
D. Brennan ......7885  =  12.31%
J. Kipp .........7479  =  11.68%
G. Anderson......7450  =  11.63%
T. Greves .......6962  =  10.87%
D. Johnstone ....6644  =  10.37%
F. Pattje .......6430  =  10.04%
B. McKay ........5898  =   9.21%

There is no one sitting on this council who managed to get much more than 14% of the eligible vote. Put another way, for those sitting on council anywhere from 85.78% to 90.29% of the total eligible voters saw no reason to vote for them.

Comment: Wiser men and women than those assembled in the city of Nanaimo don't have the answer to the total abject indifference the vast majority of voters have when it comes to selecting 'leaders' in our country, which is criminal when you see how lightly we handle democracy.
That said, after observing the current city council and their non-deliberation on the matter of the $160 million financial plan before them I am beginning to think it really doesn't matter who you vote for, as their main function seems to be rubber stamping whatever recommendations come from city hall staff.


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