Sunday, February 26, 2012

No Regard For Nanaimo Tax Dollars!

Councillors George Anderson, Diane Brennan 
and Bill McKay Clearly Tax & Spenders!

It is a little discomforting to realize that our three newest city Councillors have adjusted quickly to council's true calling....... find as many ways as possible to spend YOUR tax dollars!

The first example of these new Councillors attitude to spending tax dollars creatively came at the recent FPCOW meeting where veteran tax spender Councillor Brennan led the charge to see the city hire a $143,000.00 a year SPIN DOCTOR so we can be told with OUR tax dollars what a wonderful job they are doing.

Can you imagine having to spend nearly $3,000 a week so some city hack can write propaganda designed to make you think they are spending your tax dollar wisely. Hiring a spin doctor to tell us how wisely they are spending money is one of things that is so ironic you just have to laugh at the absurdity of it all.

The new TAX & SPENDERS were joined by the seasoned spenders of Councillor Johnstone and Mayor Ruttan in making what is arguably the most symbolic example of a complete lack of concern over how much we are already being taxed for the privilege of living under this city administration.


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  1. I must say that although I too voted for george anderson it has already proved to be an expensive experimental mistake way beyond the 30K salary as this is no Terry Beech. As should have been observed earlier by myself and voters, there was little or no substance or savvy behind the photo-ops of the cute jokes, the big smile and the suit. A lost puppy im afraid.


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