Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Canadian Tire Price Fixing

 Guilty of Gas Price Fixing Scheme

I have long been suspicious of how gas retailers are all able to post prices that are the same to the tenth of a penny, I also know that price fixing is an extremely difficult crime to prove but finally one major retailer has been proven guilty of such an offense and fined $900,000.00.

You can read the full account in the Globe and Mail article HERE. It was found that gas retailers or their representatives phoned each other and agreed on the price they would charge customers for gasoline.

I have often wondered how, like magic, a variety of gas stations all across the city can arrive at exactly the same price, at exactly the same time. I presume that one operator owning multiple stations could account for this to a degree, but doesn't explain how they all seem to be marching in lock-step with each other. Neither does it explain why the Nanaimo taxpayer consistently will be paying more than in Comox or Duncan.


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