Friday, March 30, 2012

Coast Guard Auxiliary Rescue Dragon Boaters

 Coast Guard Auxiliary
Trains 'For Real'

Good fortune was smiling on 18 dragon boaters on Wednesday night when their craft overturned in Departure Bay. Apparently some rollers from the ferry caught the crew off guard and were quickly swamped and overturned.

It is thought someone onshore spotted their emergency, called it in and since the Nanaimo Coast Guard Auxiliary were in the midst of a training session they were able to respond within five minutes.

Apparently one boater did swim to shore but the others had to be plucked from the bone chilling water by the Coast Guard.

The boaters seem to have been less than fully prepared, as one person did not have a lifejacket on, and it is reported several others put theirs on after the boat was hit. They also did not have a flashlight or flares or any signalling device except a whistle. Perhaps dragon boats need to be held to the same safety standards are other watercraft.


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  1. What the heck......dragon boaters not wearing lifejackets and not having suitable distress lights, and not knowing how to ride over a roller???
    These guys should have to take the same course as regular boaters before they kill themselves or someone else......


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