Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Deceiving Ad? Debt 180 - BC Government?

 Debt 180 Advertisement Deceiving?
Ad 'Appears' To Represent Government of BC

The above ad is appearing at various places on the internet as part of the Google adsense program, it links to a website promising to help you cut your debt by up to 75%.

I have put a call in to the company and also the Premiers office, as I am certain this company is not sanctioned by the Government of BC and is walking a thin line with the style of their ads.



  1. Yea debt180 is also posting on facebook with the same message, only it says ontario since i live there. shouldn't a well know brand such as facebook review what ads they post on their website, I mean comon.. if this is a scam which I'm guessing yes, facebook figure it out.

  2. Debt 180 is for real! I have read all the BS people are posting on line saying its a scam. Through it I was directed to a company called "4 Pillars Consulting Group". Real people, all local with offices in my area, real results! I had over $70,000 in consumer debt and they negotiated payments to my creditors for about 28% of what I owed, interest free over a period of time.

    These people slamming this site make me sick!

  3. I think the person who posted on May 24th works for the company.


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