Saturday, March 17, 2012

It Seems So Long Ago

All Candidates Meeting Beban Park

The above photo was taken at the 'standing room only' town hall meeting last November when the citizens of Nanaimo had the opportunity to hear from all candidtes running for municipal office.

Given the time constraints, and the number of candidates at this style of meeting, they are not that useful if you are looking for any insightful discussion to come from candidates.

There are videos posted on YouTube taken during this meeting which I have not had the time to listen to completely, but going from my own memory can not recall any single candidate promising to raise my taxes by another $700,000 more than the city manager was recommending.

Yet, that is exactly what Councillor Brennan, Anderson, Johnstone, McKay and Mayor Ruttan have done with the recent approval of the current five year Financial Plan.

On the one hand many on this council spouted elegantly about transparency while they were courting your vote, yet failed to mention the fact they felt that $844 Million was not quite enough to spend, and therefore recommended adding another $700,000 to the bill!!

A Predicition

I'm going out on a limb here but would guess that 3 of the 5 members of council will have no intention to run for office again, and therefore have no qualms about spending another $700,000 of YOUR taxes on a spin doctor. And given that a huge number of city managers can retire in 2013, they are likely not all that worried about public opinion either.  Of course I could be wrong on both counts, only time will tell.


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