Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Maffeo Sutton Park Improvements

Washrooms Reno and Wind Protection Added

Nanaimo’s premiere community events site, Maffeo Sutton Park, will see some improvements this spring that will benefit park visitors and community event attendees. Maffeo Sutton Park is Nanaimo’s favorite spot for hosting community events, with the bulk of these happening between June and September.

The first improvement will be renovations to the public washroom facilities. The renovations will include the installation of floor and wall tiles, new concrete countertops and sinks, new toilets and urinals, new partitions and doors, accessible grab bars and improved heating and ventilation systems. Work on the washrooms is now underway. The budget for the renovations is $30,000.00.

The second improvement will involve lowering the blue Spirit Square covering and the addition of wind shields to the sides of the structure. The shelter top will be lowered by 1.4 meters, which will still allow for trailer trucks to pass under. The lower top and retractable side shields will improve protection from the elements and provide more options for performances and special events. The costs for these improvements will be approximately $60,000.00.

For more information about Nanaimo parks and events hosted by the department please visit or call 250 756 5200


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