Wednesday, March 14, 2012

MP Pat Martin and NDP Being Sued

Racknine Suing Martin & NDP 
For $5 Million Defamation

An example of what hyped up politicos can do with the aid of poor journalists is being witnessed with the whole' robocall' scandal. Outspoken NDP MP Pat Martin has issued a formal apology to Responsive Marketing Group saying he did not intend to impugn any notion of illegal behaviour to RMG.

The media had reported in February that RMG employees said they were worried they were making calls that might send voters to the wrong polling stations. A official statement from RMG denies this allegation saying they only called Tory supporters. In fact the calls made to people about polling station changes were made where in fact the polling station had moved. Elections Canada has confirmed more than 100 polls were moved prior to election day.

Martin and the NDP are also facing a $5 million defamation suit from Edmonton based Racknine alleging the NDP and Martin defamed Racknine with statments about the company's involvement in the robocall scheme in February.

Comment: I am sure there is more to this whole story than we now know, but the press and politicians have demonstrated just how 'over the top' they are willing to go before all the facts are in. That used to be something that we Canadians were famous for not doing.


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