Saturday, March 31, 2012

Nanaimo Info Blog Scoops NDN??

Blog Published On March 27th
NDN 'Claims' Tip March 28th

Back in the good ole days. long before facebook and twits (there still were twits back then but no Twitter) and for that matter even local news on the tellie, there was a long standing competition among the local NEWSpapers to see who could scoop the other by being the first to break an important story.

Guys  (mostly) with 'PRESS' cards tucked in the band of their hats would make a mad dash to the local PAY phone (remember them), excitedly hollering into the phones......STOP THE PRESSES!

Well, those days are but a fond memory with the electronic age pretty much scooping anything the print world has to offer these days. Still, if you want some real depth, ink on your fingers and something to hide from the Missus behind, you still can't beat a good old broadsheet newspaper. Sadly, modern technology and the bean counters have changed the function of the news room to the point the eager cub reporter of days gone by could hardly recognize the place.

Back On Point

The recent little storm brewed up by the CEO of the NEDC by contracting with a Toronto based firm to put together the new Tourism NANAIMO website, being published by Tourism NANAIMO, who are run by the NANAIMO economic development corporation is the story this blog 'scooped' from the big boys, fully a day ahead of the local daily.

The article on this blog was written on Monday March 26 after I returned from the Council Meeting where Ms. Cudahy head of the NANAIMO economic development corp.announced the new website for NANAIMO tourism. I scheduled it for the next morning March 27 to be published.

Now for the pesky timeline, that 'proves' I scooped the big boys........they 'claim' to have had an anonymous 'tip' on the morning of the 28th which launched their in depth investigation of this breaking news story. Fully 24 hours after I 'scooped' them..............

I rest my case!  :^)


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