Saturday, March 31, 2012

Nanaimo Parks and Trails Map

Nanaimo Info Parks & Trails Map Very Popular

The map and guide of Nanaimo parks and trails featured on which is a sister site to has proven very popular over the past two years with 323,038 views since being posted.

The popular map has an alphabetical listing of all Nanaimo Parks with each park 'pinned' on the city map showing exactly where they are. It makes it fast and easy to locate a park you may have read or heard about, but are not certain of the exact location. It is also very useful in locating parks in your area you may not be familiar with.

Our parks and seaside location, and great outdoors are part of the features Nanaimo boasts when we compare ourselves to some of the less fortunate locations in our great country. Just another reason we are without doubt and ideal place to live, work. play, visit and invest.


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