Thursday, March 29, 2012

Nanaimo Petro Canada Highest Price On Island

What's With Nanaimo's Petro Canada Stations??

I live close to the Petro Canada Station by Terminal Park Mall and it always seems they are the first to jack their prices and sooner or later if no one follows they eventually come back down. Lately they are really outdoing themselves even charging nine cents more per litre than the Petro Canada stations in Victoria.

Prices Around Nanaimo 127.9 - 134.9 (Except For Petro Can)

Considering that oil prices have been falling and corporate greed is the only likely reason behind the insanely high pump prices, Nanaimo prices really take the cake. We are consistently higher than either Comox or Duncan, and have been forever. The above Petro Canada comparisons were based on Gas Buddy prices this morning at 7:30 AM.

Charging thirteen cents more than Comox and sixteen cents more than Duncan it would seem the operators of the Nanaimo Petro Canada Stations should be in line for some kind of 'Gouger of the Year Award'.

Most other Nanaimo gas stations are still pumping at 134.9 with the Gas n Go at Morden Road and on Victoria Road both pumping for 127.9. So clearly there is 'some' competition in the local market but I am sure you could argue we are really being hosed at the pumps and have been for years.

Why? I think it is because we have taught the oil companies they pretty much can charge what they like and all we will do is grumble and complain from time to time as we let them continue to fleece us.


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  1. So what exactly are we to do? I don't like paying more than others, but what choice do we really have?

    I'm not exactly going to go get groceries on my bicycle now am I?

    But instead of grumbling and complaining from time to time..., I'd love to hear a realistic solution.


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