Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Nanaimo Reservist Lied About Slashing

 Knife Slashing Incident Just a Lie

The following statement from the local RCMP makes it clear, the story told by Private Chad Shore of being slashed by a random assailant was a fabrication and did not truthfully represent how he receive the knife wound.

How the injury occurred is not explained so the public can speculate to their hearts content on the matter...... maybe he wanted his moment in the spotlight and this seemed like a good idea......he and his buddies were practicing self defense with live steel and things went wrong...... maybe he cut himself shaving ???? The possibilities are endless, one thing for certain, I don't feel comfortable with this fellow having a real, live weapon with real live ammunition in it.

Supt. Norm McPhail of the Nanaimo RCMP has issued the following:

Last Wednesday I advised the citizens of Nanaimo that a local Canadian Forces Reservist had been the victim of an alleged knife attack, at a local bus stop. At that time, I expressed the seriousness of the case, and the efforts our Serious Crimes Investigators were making towards solving it.
Since my original statement on this case, it has come to light that the allegations made by the Reservist were not true. This incident did not happen, and there is no longer any need for community concern.

The evidence uncovered by my investigators suggests that the Reservist had no criminal intent when he made the false claims, therefore no criminal charges are being contemplated.

We have shared our findings with the appropriate people at Canadian Forces, and I have confidence that they will conduct the necessary follow up.

I want to thank the community and media for their assistance in this case, and their continued support for the work we do.

Media enquiries related to Canadian Forces matters should be directed to Major L. Angell of Army Public Affairs at 780-616-1782.


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