Thursday, March 15, 2012

Nanaimo Water News

City of Nanaimo Purchases 5775 Vanderneuk Road
Future North End Water Reservoir

 In 2005, the City identified the need for a new water reservoir storage tank to be constructed in the north end prior to the City’s population reaching 110,000. Recently, the property at 5775 Vanderneuk Road went up for sale, and because it met both the location and specific elevation necessary for a water reservoir to function, it was purchased. The price was $425,000, the appraised value of the property.

“While the reservoir will not be required for another 15 years, suitable locations are quickly disappearing as development occurs in the north end of Nanaimo,” says Bill Sims, Manager, Water Resources. “The future reservoir will be approximately 9230 cubic metres in volume and is a necessary part of the overall water strategy that will improve water storage in the north end to satisfy both fire flow and flow balancing requirements.”

The existing single family home on the property will be rented in the meantime to help offset acquisition costs. The City expects that the square, concrete reservoir will be designed to blend as much as possible with the surrounding residential neighbourhood. The majority of the tank will be underground, and the part of the tank that is above ground will be the same height as the existing home’s roof line.


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