Thursday, March 01, 2012

Public Input Needed Strategic Planning

City Announces Public Participation in Strategic Planning

The City announced details of its Corporate Strategic Planning process along with a schedule of opportunities for public participation. Input from residents will help to ensure the community’s vision is taken into account. Participation also exposes municipal decision makers to a wide range of perspectives and ideas.

Workshops in three neighbourhoods around Nanaimo, a business symposium, and open meetings focused on seniors, community groups and teens will take place throughout the month of March. Community surveys and a blog that invites discussion are also being implemented.

Mayor, Council and city staff will participate in their own workshops to address internal viewpoints, policies and strategies. All of these activities will culminate in a Wrap Up Community Forum in June. Final presentation of the Strategic Plan to City Council is scheduled for July 6.

The goal of Nanaimo’s first comprehensive Corporate Strategic Plan is to provide context and direction to existing plans like the Official Community Plan, Financial Plan, Cultural Strategy, and Asset Management Plan.

Mayor John Ruttan pointed out “The process has been designed to listen carefully to the citizens of Nanaimo. We want to hear about their aspirations and what they think our priorities should be for moving Nanaimo forward especially during this Council’s term. That’s why we’re calling this initiative “Your Voice, Our Nanaimo”.

According to Councillor Jim Kipp, chair of the Plan’s Steering Committee, “The process will help to align City activities, mobilize resources and achieve results that support the community’s desires.” Councillors’ Johnstone and Greves are the other members of the Steering Committee who are working with the consulting firm, Rethink West, to design and facilitate the planning process.

The Strategic Planning blog is live on March 1 and can be accessed through the city’s website at Details on the public meetings, workshops, business symposium and other events along with schedules and locations can also be found in local media during March. Residents can also call the City at 250-754-4406.


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