Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Suggestion For Municipal Auditor

A Full Forensic Audit Of The Construction
and Ongoing Management Of This City Asset

I realize that the office of Municipal Auditor General is not operating yet, but I have an excellent project for them to thoroughly investigate in the city of Nanaimo. If any example of how a municipality has handled, or mishandled public funds this could very well be the poster child.

Some Questions Auditor Should Find Answers For:
  • What was the TRUE actual cost to construct this building?
  • How many comparative tenders were received before  contract was signed with the general contractor who build this project?
  • How much was posted as a performance bond when this project was undertaken?
  • What happened to the $3,000,000.00 project management fee?
  • Was the retail space sold at actual cost to construct?
  • What was the  tax revenue this site produced for the city before this new building was built and how much does the same 'footprint' produce now?
  • How many management proposals were entertained before striking the contract with the current operators of VICC? 
  • What is the current market value of this building? 
  • How much does the city subsidize the current operators of this complex?


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  1. Nanaimo Watcher7 March 2012 at 07:43

    I hope a true accounting is done which includes ALL costs associated with this white elephant. Like the cost of tearing down the old arena for example and renting parking lots by the greyhound station, an explanation of how $52 million became at least $100 million has never been properly of the managers of that project now occupies the city managers office running the whole city..... the other manager of this project got a half million parachute and the other cheerleader is now our MLA......looking for some real accountability about this project and really hope this new auditor will get to the bottom of it...


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