Friday, March 30, 2012

Teen Participation Disappointing

Only 13 Teens Attend

It seems that the voting age public in Nanaimo are not the only ones who seem apathetic to local governance matters.

In spite of extensive promotion and the use of social media and the offer of Free pizza and pop only thirteen teens attended the Strategic Planning Worshop at Wellington Secondary on Thursday afternoon.

While the numbers were few those in attendance offered some very valuable input which was received by more members of city council than I have seen at any one of these events. In fact city staff and council and facilitators likely outnumbered participants.

Sadly, it would seem the next generation has been infected with the same apathy towards participating in the democratic process as the generation that chose to stay away from the polls in droves at the last civic election.

I wonder just how much importance is being placed on being informed and engaged in democracy these days?  Or is that one of those archaic ideas from the past that considered the 3R's were the most important things to 'get right' when educating our young people.


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