Monday, March 19, 2012

What's Wrong With Nanaimo City Hall?

$1,500,000.00 For Economic Development
Yet Can't Issue Permit For Food Trucks!!!

As if we need another example of business ineptness from city hall, you would think the conference centre would be evidence enough, city hall should stick with water and sewer and roads.

A recent article in the local Daily highlights the difficulty a young entrepreneurial couple have had trying to get a permit to run their food truck at Departure Bay Beach. Short version, they applied for the permit last September, they still don't have a permit so are taking their business venture up to Parksville. If it is as successful as one might think, that is the last we will see of those enterprising young people.

At the same time we are spending $1,500,000.00 funding the new ( or at least reinvented) Nanaimo Economic Development Corporation for the purpose of attracting new business to Nanaimo. Am I the only one who sees the contradictions here???

Apparently while we are plotting to attract mega employers to set up shop in Nanaimo, giving away taxes to get hotels built and billing ourselves as a tourist destination spot, our own city hall aided and abetted by city staff and a dosing city council are doing our very best to discourage even the most basic of enterprise.

We are also spending $121,000.00 to develop a 'Strategic Plan' to solve all our ailments, I wonder if they will be recommending removing business oversight from the folk at city hall who I am certain are very competent at looking out for water, sewers, roads and garbage pick up, but are woefully inept when it comes to free enterprise.


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