Sunday, March 04, 2012

When Are Taxes NOT Taxes?

When They Are Disguised 
As Fees and Such

A recent article in the Times Colonist indicated that the government of British Columbia was in fact siphoning off revenue from BC Hydro and ICBC to the tune of over $2 billion. If true, this would mean that rather than having surplus profits they could use to lower rates to the consumer, the government is slipping their hand into your pocket as deceptively as any 'dipper'.

I will be interested to know just how much of our Medical Services Premium is just simply lumped in with general revenue and is not dedicated to medical services? Apparently, your medical services premium does not go into some special account to fund our much needed and ever more costly medical services.

So, when is a tax not a tax?  When it is called a fee or premium. I presume if BC Ferries wasn't in such bad shape they would be contributing to the tax base also.


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