Saturday, April 07, 2012

Ban Bottled Water?

Should Nanaimo Remove 
Bottled Water Choice?

Nothing is ever as simple as it seems these days. A local group presenting as having an interest in banning the sale of bottled water in civic facilities for some lofty sounding reasons is being accused by the water bottling industry as really having some hidden agenda.

Which side is telling the truth? Who cares?

First, let me say that anyone who buys bottled water in Nanaimo instead of using the tap water, is a little daft in my humble opinion. That said I have found myself on more than one occasion having been away from home longer than expected and found myself thirsty. As much as I don't like paying more for a litre of water than for a litre of gasoline I have found myself doing just that, having not taken my 'filled from home' water jug.

So, if the local advocates for 'banning bottled water' who have the support of Councilor Brennan are to have their way, I will no longer have the choice of buying a bottle of water from a city vending machine, leaving me with what choices? What other beverages would I be allowed to buy if this group have their way? One of the 'issues' raised is the plastic bottled water comes in, will they then move to ban other beverages put into plastic bottles?

Is Bottled Water Of Value At All?

As previously stated in my opinion anyone who buys bottled water in Nanaimo perhaps just has too much money to spend considering the high grade Adam's Ale we have on tap. However, as one who has had the opportunity of living in southern Ontario for a number of years, I can tell you that being able to buy bottled water instead of drinking the stuff flowing from their taps is the only sane choice available.

Whether the city should involve itself in making some sort of 'political' statement, which at best would only reduce the sale of bottled water at a civic facility seems like a moot point indeed. How long do you think it will take for people who WANT bottled water to simply be sure they buy their water someplace else before attending a civic function?

Nanaimo Has As Pristine A Water Supply As Imaginable!

Paying some bottling company for drinking water if you have access to Nanaimo's drinking water coming right from the tap, as stated earlier is just plain daft in my humble opinion. The notion that the water in the nice looking bottle is any healthier for you than the stuff coming from the tap is an idea many consumers have simply bought into. However, some people who have come from some of the less fortunate cities in Canada may have gotten into the bottled water habit and have simply stuck with it even after moving to God's Country.

No sir, the idea of paying for drinking water in Nanaimo rather than just drinking from the tap is just about as daft as paying $72,000,000.00 to filter the stuff!


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