Monday, April 23, 2012

Duke Point Terminal Re-Opens May 1


BC Ferries announced today that the Duke Point terminal will re-open on Tuesday, May 1 with the resumption of regularly scheduled service between Duke Point and Tsawwassen.

Duke Point terminal was temporarily closed on December 20, 2011 following a hard landing of the Coastal Inspiration. Contractors have finalized repairs to the terminal structures including:
  • Repair and re-anchoring of the starboard wingwall
  • Repairing the port wingwall inner fender panel
  • Replacing the lower ramp abutment hinges
  • Repairing the upper and lower ramp maintenance hanging bars
  • Repairing the hydraulic cylinders
  • Replacing the electrical wiring and repairing some cracked welds
Since December 20, 2011, BC Ferries has been operating its mid-Island service to both Horseshoe Bay and Tsawwassen from the Departure Bay terminal. BC Ferries thanks its customers, the City of Nanaimo and the residents of Departure Bay for their understanding while two these two major routes operated from one terminal.

Crews are busy preparing for the re-opening of Duke Point terminal on Tuesday, May 1. At that point, Departure Bay terminal will revert back to servicing the Horseshoe Bay route only.

For schedule information, visit Nanaimo Info webpage.


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