Friday, April 27, 2012

Golden-crowned Sparrows In Nanaimo

New Feathered Visitors This Week

Within this past week our backyard bird feeder has become the lunch counter for a small flock of Golden-crowned Sparrows. We have occasionally seen one or two of these birds stop by, but never in the numbers as lately. If you look closely in the top photo there are 12 of the little fellows at one feeder, with many more at the other and several on the ground.

A bit of 'Googling' would indicate that these little fellows over winter in California and actually migrate all the way to Alaska to breed and raise their young. A local birding friend says that the weather of a few days ago caused what is known as a 'fallout' which is when migrating birds simply 'fallout' of their migration for reasons best known to them.

While their numbers were not nearly as great there were also many White-crowned sparrows stopping by during this time period as well.

Whatever the reason, they have been an interesting and colourful guest this past week, and as I write this, this morning, it is the first morning that by now the feeder would not be hosting them, so perhaps they have rested up and continued on their way to Alaska.

How such a small creature can navigate from California to Alaska when I can get lost in town, without my GPS, is just one on those little wonders........


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