Monday, April 30, 2012

Granddaughter Update

Let Me Pull Out My Wallet
And Show You A Family Photo

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of having your own blog, is the ability to show off family photos without having to pull out the dog-eared old photo in your wallet.

So, allow me an old guys bragging moment as I point out the photogenic qualities of my charming granddaughter. That other good looking person is her father, my son, Jason who I am pleased to say inherited most of the good looking genes available from his mother's side.

As much of a delight as Amelia is, she is also into those charming 'terrible twos' where she is engaged in the age old 'battle of the wills' when it comes to deciding whether or not her will, or Mom or Dad's will, will be done.

I am thrilled to say that her delightful side still outweighs her 'not so delightful side', which I am pretty sure she inherited from her Father's side of the family.

That said, she is sure one cute kid who seems to be the first 'perpetual motion human being' I have had the good pleasure of encountering.


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