Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Nanaimo Housing Starts Up 83%

Nanaimo Housing Starts Up 83% March 2012 vs 2011
Nanaimo Housing Starts Up 65% Year to Date

CMHC has just released their preliminary housing starts figures for the month of March 2012 with comparisons to March 2011 and the three month year to date comparisons. These figures show that new housing in Nanaimo is heading in the right direction with a total of 16 new single family dwellings started in March 2012 and 28 mulitple famly units starting in the same month.

The year to date figures show 47 new single family units started and 187 multiple units started in the same three month period.

As A Percentage Nanaimo Beats Vancouver and Victoria

On a percentage comparison basis (not total units) Vancouver shows a 22% increase in new housing starts for the year to date figure, Victoria shows a -10% drop in housing starts for the year to date comparison while Nanaimo shows a 65% increase in the year to date comparison.


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