Friday, April 13, 2012

Nanaimo's Best Asset? Location, Location, Location

 Nanaimo .... A Perfect Place To Call 'Home'

A most delightsome stroll along our inviting downtown waterfront at the inner harbour the other day left no doubt about the undeniable allure Nanaimo has for all. Once experienced it's captivating magnetism is truly irresistible.

An old principle applied to determining the value of real estate is 'location, location & location' as being the three main things to consider when calculating the value of real estate. Clearly on all three counts Nanaimo beats all comers hands down.

The cherry trees have burst out into a riot of colour and all the grass has that 'brand new spring-green' which seems to vibrate with colour. Couple that with a soul-pleasing walk along the water, stop and listen to your own private serenade and  take in the clear ocean air while enjoying the postcard perfect scenery everywhere you glance and there is simply no denying, Nanaimo has it all, location, location and location!

Be sure to get out and celebrate the fact you live in the most desirable and livable city anywhere! People literally come from all over the world to call Nanaimo 'Home', for very good reason.



  1. Best place to be in the summer!

  2. every place claims to be the best

    how can nanaimo be better than honolulu or san fransisco


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