Thursday, April 26, 2012

Occupy Nanaimo In Krall Plaza May 1

Will The Real Occupy Nanaimo Movement
Please Stand Up!

The following first appeared on this website on April 10 and while it seems these posts have been taken down they do raise the question of just what is the REAL agenda driving the Occupy Nanaimo group.

They are reported as planning to attend in Diana Krall Plaza this May 1 for a two hour period in a show of solidarity with May Day. Only time will tell if they offer anything helpful and insightful or are just beating a drum designed to stir up the mob and advocate 'MAKING their DEMANDS heard"!

If you can't read the text in the top right hand red box it is a quote from Che Guevara which says: "I don't care if I fall as long as someone picks up my gun and keeps on shooting".

The top left quote if from President Kennedy which says "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable."

The lower left is obviously a poster of the Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara who was a major figure in the Cuban revolution.

Finally the bottom right is calling from MAKING our DEMANDS be heard!

I realize that youthful frustration can manifest in less than heart felt sentiments, and from all outward appearances their spokesman gave during their recent protest in the Plaza downtown, inciting a violent revolution wouldn't seem to fit. However, the above graphics recently appearing on the Occupy Nanaimo facebook page perhaps explains why negotiations of a settlement never was an option. Only capitulation to the movements DEMANDS would satisfy.

Presuming that items appearing on their facebook page represents the sentiments of the 'movement' would certainly cause a rational person to wonder just who you are talking to when someone says they are a member of the Occupy Nanaimo movement. Peaceful, law abiding protesters, or armed revolutionaries?

Will the REAL Occupy Nanaimo Movement (if there is one) please stand up!


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  1. i love how much you picked apart our page, some simple pictures that you can take in a negative way ( like you did here) or taken in consideration. I'm an admin of the page so i would appreciate if people would stop putting things into context like this if you prefer i can remove the photos and we can be done with it.


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