Monday, April 30, 2012

Port Place Mall

First 'Side' Of Mall Complete

The bottom photo shows the completed 'half' of the Port Place Shopping Centre in downtown Nanaimo. Old timers will remember the site as Harbour Park Mall.

The original plans show a similar style building with parking in front of stores on the other side of the lot, which is the area shown in the upper photograph. Clearly there is no building activity in the area enclosed with the blue fencing which as I recall is also approved for a high rise apartment building or condo as well as more retail space.

I have asked property owner First Realty what their plans are to complete the other side of the centre but as of yet they have not replied. It could be with the number of vacant spaces in the downtown area (including some in the newly finished area of this mall and in the Port of Nanaimo Centre) that First Realty has as many vacant buildings as they want for the time being.


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