Monday, April 23, 2012

Smart Phone X-Ray Vision?

X-Ray Vision Coming 
To Smart Phones Soon?

In one of those potentially creepy technology stories scientists from the University of Texas at Dallas say they are working on a technology that has the potential of putting a 'form' of x-ray visioning on smart phones everywhere.

While they are aware of the 'creepy' privacy issues the technology raises, they are currently working on a version which only works within 4 inches of the subject, meaning that being able to see us all in our 'birthday suits' would/should not be an issue.

The technology is far from being market ready but at the rate technology has been moving the past few decades, it could be sooner than we think. There are several practical applications this latest idea could be put to including finding that wall stud to hang a picture without having to put 50 pilot holes in the wall, it could also be used to authenticate documents and counterfeit money as well as having some possibilities of transferring files or information much faster than Wi-Fi.

For any of you techie-types a more detailed article can be seen HERE.


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