Monday, April 09, 2012

Will Nanaimo Ever Get Out Of It?

Food Truck Vendors Want To Try
Mayor Says "Not Likely Viable"
Parks & Rec Say "Not in Maffeo Sutton Park"

Maybe the water supply to Nanaimo is not nearly as pure as we think it is, there certainly seems to be 'something in it' if you examine some of the thinking coming from city hall these days.

Our Mayor is reported in the local daily as saying he didn't think that food trucks would be viable in Nanaimo, and that there hadn't been any interest from vendors and space downtown would be a problem. is up to the owners of the food trucks to decide if they are willing to gamble on the viability of food trucks, the opinion of the Mayor seems of no consequence. Some Mayors might actually see what they could do to encourage the entrepreneurship that drives this kind of thinking rather than joining with Parks & Rec and sending these types off to Parksville.
If the viability test is a prerequisite to granting business licenses, they might want to rethink some of the businesses they allow to open downtown. Every time you turn around another one closes down.

Second.... if you call the city hall you are told more or less that Nanaimo is a 'no food truck zone', so why would it be a surprise if vendors are not expressing much interest?

Third....... seems to me there is a large, ugly, vacant lot sitting behind the VICC that could easily accommodate many such food trucks, and who knows, they might even attract more people to the downtown core! There is also tons of wide open space in Maffeo Sutton Park to accommodate as many food vendors as who want to try and make a go of it.


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